Current Journal

Current is a multi platform journal that showcases creative, practice-based and applied research. It is a space for design researchers, design academics, students, professional designers, and entrepreneurs to reflect on contemporary design thinking, products and processes.

Eat St. Cookbook

Eat St. Cookbook research project was developed in partnership with Invoke Media and resulted in an interactive cookbook showcasing recipes from season 3 of the TV Show Eat St. on the Food Network Canada.

Ebook Prototypes with Verso

Research collaboration with Loud Crow Interactive focused on the creation of a series of ebook prototypes to push the capabilities of their Verso Story Engine, a 2D physics development platform for ebooks.

Learning, Freedom & the Web

This collaboration with Mozilla was focused on their work in support of the open web; we worked on the ebook design for their publication Learning, Freedom and the Web, a book written by Anya Kamenetz that is part catalogue and part manifesto and that tackles crucial questions about the future of learning.

Open Wide ebook

Open Wide: An Abecedarium for the Great Digestive System, by Randy Lee Cutler. A multiple platform object, including print and digital book, Open Wide brings together writing, images and music that reflect a fascination for digestion as a metaphor for experience.

Publication Design

This section compiles a series of commissioned book design projects.

Translations / Transactions

This project looks at the translation and transaction of a series of manuscripts by Jorge Luis Borges into typographic texts as autonomous evocative objects. They are graphic reflections on the nature of accuracy, hybridity and visual reproduction.

Type of the Century

Type of the Century is a collection of seminal articles in typographic discourse of the twentieth century and explores the use of dynamic principles in publication design for touch-based tablets. The publication uses the open-source framework Baker and it includes interactive exercises and offline annotation.

Typographic Manuscripts

These studies in translation work with a collection of manuscripts by Jorge Luis Borges (1889-1986) and re-contextualize them as typographic facsimiles for research in the field of genetic criticism while transacting their autonomy as aesthetic objects.

Variaciones Borges Journal

Variaciones Borges is a journal of philosophy, semiotics and literature, published twice a year by the University of Pittsburgh, PA. The publication is run through the Borges Center, the most important site for scholarly work on the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges (1899–1986).