Open Wide:
An Abecedarium for the Great Digestive System

Writing by Randy Lee Cutler, art work by Marina Roy, Abbas Akhavan,
Liz Magor, Geoffrey Farmer among others and music by Graham Meisner.

This enhanced ebook brings together writing, images and music that reflect a fascination for digestion as a metaphor for experience. Assembling her interests in writing, curating and contemporary art Cutler has obsessively followed the looping trajectory of metabolism expanding the topic beyond its conventional implications. What is offered here is an imaginative and unusual collection of writing and images, an ABC primer that is an alphabet guide to bodily rhythms, chemical reactions and aesthetic transformations. Each entry is a portrait of digestion from a different perspective with images that enigmatically enhance the subject’s unfolding. Taken as a whole Open Wide: An Abecedarium for the Great Digestive System offers a banquet of possibilities that range from visual art and cinema to ecology, biology and philosophical meditations.

Open Wide was launched at READ books and Emily Carr University of Art + Design on April 16th, 2014.

The ebook is available for viewing in the Emily Carr University library as well as for purchase at the iBooks store.